Jullian James

Born in New Jersey, Jullian grew up in Florida and found a home full of music. “R&B, Rock & Roll, Soul and Pop”, says Jullian. “There was music all the time. Everyone in the household was into a different style. It was great”, Jullian says lighting up. “We were singing it, dancing to it or playing it all the time.” Needless to say his whole family oozes of creativity and musical talent. It’s easy to believe that his path led him to a career in music.

Eager and determined to find his way, Jullian first become an instructor in the ballroom dance world. His hard work and determination won him many top awards as a ballroom dancer.

Traveling to New York city to further his ballroom career, Jullian went to an “open-mic" night on a whim. There, he was discovered and paired up with a young producer, Nate Nicols who helped developed Jullian’s unique and distinctive blend of R&B. Jullian’s influences included the likes of Etta James, Muddy Waters, Howling Wolf, B.B. King  and  Sam Cooke.  His first album, From My Integrated Soul, included multiple collaborations including one with recording pop star, Mya. Their song together, “Secret Weapon” oozes steamy, back and forth repartee and allows the listener to visualize the cat and mouse game between two lovers. “Mya is my Aphrodite”, Jullian declared. “She is a brilliant artist, and I am happy to have worked with her”. Jullian James is an 'old soul’ with a ear and talent that speaks of another time and place. Blending Pop, R&B and soul, Jullian mixes crooner vocals with dance moves that only add to the musical experience. Attention to detail, as well as his charismatic smile and presence on stage is part of the Jullian  James package.

A fashionista of sorts, Jullian rocks in Dolce & Gabbana, as well as other famous designers like Armani, and Roberto Cavalli. “I love fashion. Can you tell by my jacket?“ as Jullian points to his glittering D&G jacket that brings up memories of Beyonce’s jacket she wore at the 2011 VMA awards. "Nothing is more classic then a man in a suit” Jullian smiles.” That’s the whole experience.”

It's About Feelin' Good
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