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Jullian James‘ journey into music was one of self-discovery. As someone who always wrote music and poetry, Jullian recognized through music he could express himself in ways beyond the ordinary.

In embracing his uniqueness and individuality, Jullian became inspired by the power music held and the great artists like, Sam Cooke, Howlinʼ Wolf, BB. King and Etta James. Jullian vowed to take his own music and utilize it as a tool to amplify the beauty in others and to help them to see the potential in themselves.

Working with songwriter/ producer Nathanael Nicol, on his first album, “From My Integrated Soul”, Jullian brings a sincerity that the listener is able to connect with and takes you back to the old sounds of the past.

Peppered with great collaborations—like Grammy-Award Winners Popʼs Mya and percussionist Raphael Cruz, as well as NYC subway musician “The Singing Dragon”, and blues singer Sarah Rose—Jullian transports you back to a time gone-by and is able to touch the souls and minds of the listener through his relatability.

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