James Maddock

James Maddock to play songs from “The Green”

He’s known for his melodic, minimalist folk, but on his new record, fans can expect a groovier James Maddock.

In his follow-up to 2013’s “Another Life,” “The Green,” slated for an April or May release, the British folk singer calls upon some of music’s noted names to yield what he calls a “not so folk-y, full-throttle rocking record.”

“I wanted to make a record that was a bit more exciting, fully produced,” said Maddock. “I didn’t hold back. I went for it.”

Collaborators include Wings drummer Steve Holley, bassist Tony Shanahan, keyboardist Ben Stivers, Oli Rockberger on piano and Spin Doctors drummer Aaron Comess. The New Yorker says the title track is dubbed after money, and was written after watching street beggars struggling to make a living in the “richest city in the history of the world.”

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