The Kickback

The Kickback Answers Important (kinda) Questions

From 605 Magazine:

605 Summer Classic Performer Spotlight: The Kickback

The Kickback has been making music since 2006, when it formed at University of South Dakota. Despite a relocation to the Windy City in 2009, the band fronted by Beresford native Billy Yost has a stronger following than ever in Sioux Falls. This is undoubtedly thanks to frequent hometown shows, like the upcoming 605 Summer Classic. The Kickback is playing Saturday, June 20, along with El Dub, Condor, V the Noble One & the Knights Tempo, and Later Babes. Ahead of his latest Summer Classic appearance, Yost gives us a peek into the band’s dynamic.

Where did you do on your first tour?

BY: Vermillion, Pierre, and Rapid City.

Tell us about the sketchiest place you’ve ever slept on tour?

BY: We slept on concrete in an art gallery space in Tennessee somewhere and woke up to pounding on the door. A Boss Hog type was trying to sell the place and rolled up with potential buyers with a band sleeping on the floor. We had to leave in our pajamas while the people who let us stay there got evicted. The night before was the closest I had come to a fistfight onstage with my brother, so it was a solid 24-hours start-to-finish.

What is one thing every band should think to include on their rider?

BY: We got bottled water on most of our last tour and were pretty sure we had made it.

In your group, who is “Band Dad?”

BY: Eamonn handles all of the financial stuff. Jonny takes care of most of the navigating and venue-related stuff. Ryan’s the good cop. I typically dole out the hostility and misdirected anger. It’s kind of a group effort.

If it’s not you, where do you fall in the hierarchy?

BY: We’re sort of on a fuse chain. Mine snaps almost immediately. Jonny or Ryan hold down the middle. If Eamonn ever snaps, I don’t know what will happen. So any given situation is usually “three people act like adults while one guy loses his mind.”

What are you most excited about when thinking about the 605 Summer Classic?

BY: Coming home to play is always my favorite. I can’t wait to take the guys to the Szechwan on Minnesota. It’s my favorite place in the world. I’ve tried to explain this to the owner several times since I was 17 and he’s politely waved me off and more or less conveyed that he couldn’t care less. And I think that is awesome.

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