Cynthia Brossy-Hart

Cynthia Brossy-Hart has been a life-long supporter of the Arts and Artist. She has spent many years as a patron and mentor to new and emerging artists. She has vast experience in charity fundraising and organization, and has successfully developed and launched several non-profit businesses. Cynthia’s early career as a Clinical Nurse Specialist centered around nursing management  and independent practice. This allows her a unique perspective to see the artist as an individual  and to be able to bring a fresh approach in  the development of their career. Cynthia’s interests always centered around taking an idea and bringing it to fruition. She quickly realized that there was something “more” to be done.

“It is harnessing creative energy and directing it in a usable and profitable way that fascinates me…”

Jullian Records began because of the recognition of one artistʼs dream and helping him to realize his creative potential. By being able to help direct that energy into a positive, successful force… his dream and many others will come true.

Josh Zieman

Josh Zieman, currently President of Compass Music Marketing, has over 30 years of experience managing artists and marketing music at both independent and major record companies. Josh has held senior management positions at Columbia, Mercury, EMI and Blue Note Records, and was President of Dramatico Records US, as well as General Manager of leading independent, Razor & Tie.

Josh is experienced in creating and implementing marketing campaigns for new , emerging, and superstars artists in Pop music.  He is able to help artists who have success in a unique personal style and genre, and  make the transition to cross over to more mainstream genres.  His experience and expertise in management and marketing has helped in defining his notoriety in music business circles.


Travis V. Guenther

Interning at Epic Records, doors opened for Travis Vincent in production and management and allowed him to work with great artists like, Cindy Lauper, Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, N’Sync, BackStreet Boys and Pink.  Music is Travis’ passion and he has been able to combine his passion for music with attitude, ambition and determination, all translating into a successful career in the industry.

Drawn to working with artists and their individual needs, Travis likes to look at a project from a whole perspective, and then decipher the unique qualities that will set that artist apart from others.

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