A great interview from All Access Music on Hollis Brown.

Meet the roots-rock New York based band, Hollis Brown! The group is made up of the founding duo of singer/guitarist Mike Montali and guitarist Jonathan Bonilla, longtime bassist/vocalist Dillon DeVito and more recent additions Andrew Zehnal (drums) and Adam Bock (piano and vocals).

This summer they have been busy touring with Counting Crows promoting their debut album, “3 Shots”.

This collection features the Bo Diddley collaboration “Rain Dance,” written around a previously unreleased track found in Bo’s vaults (https://hitsdailydouble.com/the_bside). The album also contains a Nikki Lane duet on “Highway 1,” and a tribute to iconic heroes with “John Wayne”.



“It’s a really good time for this band, I think,” Montali states.  “We’ve dealt with all the standard b.s. that you deal with when you’re in a band, and I think that all of those experiences are reflected in the maturity of this record. I think that we’re becoming the band that we’re meant to be, and we’re feeling a real sense of purpose now about what we want to accomplish.”


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