The song doesn't waste any time kicking up the energy, starting immediately with the catchy "la-ha-ha-ha" heard in the hook. From there, it builds into an alternative rock gem as lead singer Billy Yost croons, "If you and I went out tonight/ It'd be a disaster for sure/ You'd wake up by me and feel so stupid/ If you and I went out tonight."

Yost tells Billboard, "'Will T' started out as a chunk of a song I wrote when I was 18. I was pretty sure that I didn't deserve to be loved and wouldn't be able to find happiness in a relationship. After I got divorced, I came back to it because -- one way or another -- I set myself up at 18 for what played out a decade later. It seemed funny to me to revisit that song from such a different place in my life and the sheer brute ugly it could relay. There's only so much you can laugh away, but it's worth a shot.”

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