Kacey Anderson’s got the kind of life story you can’t make up. Before the Portland-based Americana artist formed Hawks and Doves, he’d ridden the highs of a promising music career only to have it crumble beneath him. Anderson is back after a six-year absence from music, which consisted of a prison sentence, a Bipolar I diagnosis, rehab, and sobriety. When Anderson got out of prison, he planned to leave his music days behind him. As Anderson trained to become a certified professional counselor, he and his friends Jesse Moffat, Ben Landsverk and Jordan Richter jammed at night in Richter’s Room 13 Recordings and recorded a cover of Tender Mercies’ “Wiseblood” for a benefit album to support a friend’s cancer treatment. After several years, those jams produced Anderson’s new album From a White Hotel. Read The Full Interview here...